The 41st Annual Coolidge Corner Arts Festival will be held on June 1, 2019 from 11:00am-6:00pm. The Festival will be held in the heart of Coolidge Corner at Babcock Street Parking Lot between John Street and Harvard Street in Coolidge Corner, Brookline. In addition to over 75 arts and crafts booths, the festival will feature a live DJ, food trucks, a beer and wine garden, and patio dining. 

The Coolidge Corner Arts Festival is a high caliber art and craft fair held once a year, rain or shine, in the Coolidge Corner neighborhood of Brookline, MA. Characterized by a mix of urban and suburban neighborhoods, Brookline is bordered by the City of Boston on three sides. The average household income is $155,000. In addition to being a wealthy residential neighborhood, Brookline is home to many colleges and universities, medical institutions and large pharmaceutical/research companies. Considered Brookline’s downtown, Coolidge Corner is a vibrant commercial district that is easily accessible via the MBTA Green Line  and bus system. There is street parking available and several parking lots.   

75-plus juried exhibitors will be selected featuring exceptional work in 2-D and 3-D art, printmaking, ceramics, fiber, wearables, glass, jewelry, metal, leather, paper, photography, wood and mixed media. 

  • Only work made by the accepted artist and associates/assistants under their immediate supervision will be accepted.

  • There is no booth sharing except for artists with collaborative work or artists who have an official business partnership. Collaborative artists and/or business partners must submit images that reflect the full range of the work.

  • Only juried artists may exhibit their work. You may not offer or give your booth to anyone to accepted to the event.

  • Absolutely no mass produced buy-sell products and/or imports are allowed.

  • Accepted artists may only exhibit work within their juried category and the quality of work must be consistent with their juried photos.

  • Jewelry applicants must fabricate the majority of the components used in their designs. Jewelry that is assembled, strung or linked using commercially available components, beads, and stones will not be considered. If jewelry represents more than 15% of your work, you must apply under the Jewelry category.

  • White tents and weights required (a minimum of 40 lb per leg)


There is a $15 non-refundable application fee. The booth fee is $155 non-refundable. 

Applications for the 2019 festival closed on March 15, 2019. 
Accepted artists will be notified by April 15, 2019.  Booth fees will be due on April 22, 2019. 

Applications are to be submitted via the ArtCall online jury system.
Please note that you will need to pay the $15 application fee upon registration and prior to submitting your application.

The application will require:

  • Up to 5 images of your work and 1 booth shot

  • A short description of your process

  • A list of other art and craft shows that you participate in

  • If you have studio assistants and how many

  • Average price range of your work


The $15 application fee is due upon registering on our application site. If you are accepted you will be notified by April 15, 2019 and the $155 non-refundable booth fee will be due on April 22, 2019 fee unless you inform us that you decline to participate. If booth payment is not made by April 22, 2019 the space will be given to another artist. The arts festival does not store your credit card information.  

Susan Lichter Jury Prize
The Coolidge Corner Arts Festival is pleased to continue the Susan Lichter Jury Prize in memory of our beloved committee member. The winner exemplifies the highest level of both art and craft and embodies Susan's spirit. The Jury Prize winner receives a free both for the current festival, an automatic acceptance for the following year, and their work is featured on that year’s festival promotional materials and social media.


CCAF Marketing Materials
Promotional postcards and/or posters feature work by the Jury Prize winner. You can download marketing materials here. 

Tents, Displays and Weights
Artists are responsible for providing their own WHITE tents, weights, tables and all display materials.  The spots measure 10x10 and will all be on pavement. Tent weights are required - a minimum of 40 lb per leg.  There is no electricity available.  No trailers, trucks, van, cars or other vehicles are permitted as booth displays. 

Exhibitor Parking Pass
Download / Print the parking pass here. 

Booth Sitters
Festival helpers will be on hand to provide temporary booth sitting to allow artists to visit restrooms or grab a bite to eat. Booth sitting will be limited to 15 minutes. Please plan to bring a helper if you require additional assistance in your booth.

Coolidge Corner Arts Festival Gift Certificates
A limited number of $25 gift certificates have been distributed to Babcock Street residents and lot parkers inconvenienced by the festival. If you are presented with a gift certificate, please accept it as if it were $25 and apply towards the cost of the item. Be sure to collect any amount over $25 directly from the customer. At the end of the show, present the gift certificate to committee member Lea Cohen and you will be reimbursed $25.   


GPS address is 50 John Street Brookline MA 02446.

  • Booth spaces in both sides of Babcock Street Parking Lot and part of Babcock Street. The DJ, Food Trucks and Wine/Beer garden will be located on Babcock St. near John Street.

  • Plan on bringing a dolly or cart.

  • Arrive at your designated time. Do not arrive early.

  • All cars must enter via John Street. You may not enter from Harvard Street.

  • Unload all your gear into your space as quickly as possible and then go park your car for the day. Do not set anything up until after you have parked your car.

  • You have 20 minutes to unload and remove your car from the area.

  • Park your car. Be sure to place the Exhibitor Parking Pass on your dash (see parking info below).

  • At the end of the show, a Load-Out pass will be required before getting your car.

  • Please review the procedures below very carefully!


Spaces 1 - 15 : Line up in the staging area along John Street and check in with the market manager at the corner of John and Babcock Streets. Unload close to your space along Babcock Street. (enter from John Street). 

Spaces 16 - 35 : Line up in the staging area along John Street and check in with the market manager at the corner of John and Babcock Streets. Unload close to your space along Babcock Street. (enter from John Street

Spaces 36-55 : Line up in the staging area along John Street and check in with the market manager at the corner of John and Babcock Streets. Unload close to your space along Babcock Street. (enter from John Street)  

Spaces 56 - 77 : Line up in the staging area along John Street and check in with the market manager at the corner of John and Babcock Streets. Unload close to your space along Babcock Street. (enter from John Street)


Load-in will begin at 7:30am when the streets are closed to traffic. No earlier. Enter the area only at John Street and Green Street or from John Street and Babcock Street. The Harvard Street end of Babcock Street is for exiting only. Set your GPS for 50 John Street Brookline, MA. This will take you to the proper exhibitor entry area. 

Please arrive promptly at your scheduled time. Do not arrive early! If you arrive earlier than your scheduled time, you will be asked to leave and return at your designated time. We have a limited time frame and 84 vendors who need to set up — cars that arrive early or late will cause back-ups and delays for everyone.   

There will be staff directing traffic and to assist in locating your spot. 

Once at your designated load in zone, you will have 20 minutes to unload. Do not set up tent, tables, or product at this time. Unload all of your items into your space only, not in the road or in your neighbor's spaces. After you have unloaded, leave the area and park your car.  

Exhibitors should place the Festival Parking Pass on their dashboards and may park in any non-meter parking spot found on the surrounding streets. There are plenty of non-metered spots on Babcock (past the firehouse), Dwight, Pleasant (past the library), Stedman, Stetson, part of Green, Centre, Shailer, and Williams. Do not park in a metered spot as these should be left open for use by customers.  

WHITE tents are required. Tents are required to be weighted with at least 40 POUNDS PER LEG. This is to ensure that your tent is safely secured in the event of wind, and to protect yourself, your product, your neighboring exhibitors, and your customers. Any tents not properly weighted will be required to be taken down.

Your tent should be placed directly against your neighbor's tent. Please do not leave any gaps between tents, as all available space is needed to accommodate all the vendors. Even a gap of six inches can throw off the layout, resulting in vendors not being able to fit in their designated spaces. Be a good neighbor!

All cars should be out of the area 20 minutes after your load-in time. The show begins at 11:00am and ends at 6:00pm.

Exhibitors must remain open until 6:00pm when the show officially ends. Please do not begin breaking down before then. Please note you will need a load-out pass before you can bring in your car to the loading zones

  • Pack up your booth and break down your tent. Move all your gear to the back of your space.

  • Once completely packed up, obtain a load-out pass from a volunteer (there will be several in the area).

  • You will not be able to bring in your car until cleared to do so by staff.

  • Cars with load-out passes will be allowed on site after 6:15pm.

  • You may park for load-out in the parking lot or along Babcock Street. Please try to keep the road clear for exiting cars by parking as far inside your booth space as possible.

We have 85 plus vendors who will all be breaking down simultaneously. Please be patient and considerate of your neighbors and be mindful of where and how you park. Thank you and have a great show!


We ask that all artists represented at local galleries keep their pricing consistent with retail prices in those locations. In addition, we insist that all “seconds” be marked as such.

Jewelry applicants must make the majority of their work. Jewelry assembled exclusively from commercially available beads and components will not be allowed. 

The organizers of the Coolidge Corner Arts Festival (CCAF) reserve the right to cancel the Festival in the event of an Act of God or other unavoidable circumstance. The right to cancel shall continue during the course of the Festival itself.

Artists assume all responsibility of risk for any loss connected to the reservation/use of space at the CCAF. The CCAF organizers and their respective organizations shall in no way be liable for damage to property or any other injury to any artist or other persons for whom the artist allows to use their space.

Artists agree to indemnify and hold CCAF and its agents, employees, officers and members of boards of directors harmless from any injury to person or property, including loss of life, associated with or arising out of the agreement hereunder. Artists shall indemnify and hold CCAF organizers, and all those listed above, harmless and shall pay damages, costs, expenses and reasonable attorney’s fees that my be incurred or paid by CCAF in connection with any litigation arising from your participation.

CCAF organizers reserve the right to dismiss any artist, or their agent, who have shown to have misrepresented merchandise on their application, without refund of the application fee or booth fee.

Please allow a couple days for a response when emailing with questions. We are an all-volunteer committee with full-time jobs but will try our best to respond as quickly as possible. Thank you for your understanding.